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SeisQuest provide professional services to help our customers define and achieve their seismic information management strategies.

Strategy Review

SeisQuest's expertise in defining and implementing a sound seismic workflow begins with an overall assessment of our customer's seismic environment. This is a detailed analysis which focuses on:

  • An assessment of quantity, quality and location of seismic data
  • Analysis of requirements and expectations in terms of data quality, security and availability
  • Workflow and strategy design

The site review provides a road map, by which our customer can achieve their seismic information management goals.

Workflow Implementation

A project will usually commence with a project pilot, which implements the workflow strategy in a real life scenario, and provides an opportunity to solidify the design, or tailor where necessary.

The pilot project results in a complete, quality controlled dataset, with a report for each seismic file showing map location, geometries and other relevant metadata. The data is loaded into SeisQuest Explorer® for access within our seismic GIS environment.

On-Site Consultants

SeisQuest provide experienced personnel to help our customers streamline their ongoing seismic information management environment. We provide geoscientists, as well as experienced IT professionals who understand the archival technologies and network environments.

Data Hosting

SeisQuest have state-of-the-art hosting facilities in our Houston office, with a specialized viz-room for our hosting clients to utilize. We manage a fully outsourced seismic data management environment for our clients who do not wish to manage their own data at their site. Data can be delivered via the web, or through conventional media formats.


SeisQuest Services

  • Site Review
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • On-site Consultants
  • Data Hosting